We Can Assure you that our company will give you the best in quality and craftsmanship. That is why we have been fabricating a product that I can rely on its quality and also will guarantee it a full 10-years with out any doubt of any defects. Always will have an engineer available to answer any questions about your order.

Crating for shipment
We will crate all products for shipping at an additional charge.
Payment and delivery
We require 50% deposit on all custom orders. Final Payment can be arranged prior to shipment or will be collected on delivery (C.O.D) Every shipment is FOB from our factory.
We do not offer refunds on custom items.
With relatively little information from you, we can help you estimate the cost to fabricate custom windows, windshields or any of our products to your specifications. You have to supply all the information needed to fabricate your windows, marine glass, windshields, or any of our aluminum products. We will always have an engineer available to help you through the ordering process.
​Must be provided at all times by the customer unless it is a square measurement and then the customer can specify if it is the hole size or overall dimensions. The templates can be made of paper, cardboard, or precise drawings specifying all required information.
​American Marine and Associates inc. Shall not be liable for defects in the product finish due to:
1) Failure by the owner or user to properly clean and maintain the product according to boat manufacturer or installer.
2) Perforation of the finish by drilling, tapping, or attachment of surface mounted hardware
3) Failure by the owner or user to keep drainage holes free and open to discharge standing water which leads to corrosion and or separation.
4) Our full factory warranty is a total of 10-years against any defects except seals and powdered coated frames or doors manufactured by American Marine and Associates inc. In which the powdercoat is only guaranteed for 2 years.

Transit rail system

We have now integrated this new service for Windows and Doors to our production line for all the Transit Rail Systems.